Monday, January 18, 2010

All About Etsy

You can find this at the wonderful Charitable Creations shop - more on them to come!

If you know etsy, you'll understand my obsession. If you haven't shopped their virtual stores yet, you are in for a nice little surprise!

Etsy has just about everything you could think of, plus much much more. It specializes in Handmade products, but there are many stores that feature vintage and "upcycled" products too! Basically, a collaboration of millions of artistic minded folks who offer their products to less-artistic people like me. Or crochet to those who knit. Or pottery to those who paint. You get my idea, right?

Shopping etsy is very very easy. First, you need to create a free account for yourself. I have never received any spam or junk mail from etsy. You can trust them :) And of course you can shop without making an account, but then you'll have to make one when you fill up your cart with goodies and want to check out!

After that, shopping may seem a bit overwhelming. You can use the search bar to type in something like, baby booties.

This listing might come up and you might want to buy them on the spot. (More on Curly Birdie too!)

Or, you can scroll down the page until you see Explore, where you can shop by color, shop by editors favorites, or shop by my most exciting tool, locally.
Here are my tips to shopping etsy:

1. Click click click. I visit hundreds of shops to check out what they have to offer. The possibilities are truly endless!
2. Use your Hearts. While you are logged in and looking at a specific item, you will have the option to "heart" the item. Once you heart it, it saves under a tab called My Favorites. Hearts can be to your advantage too! I once hearted an item, and then next day I had a message from the seller offering me 20% off my purchase! So cool!
3. Convos. You can always contact the seller, and I recommend it! Most shop owners are willing to work up a package deal for you, offer personalization, or come up with something totally new for you! I have always found it best to contact the sellers before I make a purchase of two or more items from a shop.
4. Check the ratings. (and read feedback from previous customers) I do this now after having one shop close right after I made a big purchase. I ended up minus the amount and minus the goods. It said right on their seller history that a couple buyers had the same thing happen. So check it out before you buy!

Etsy also has a very good help page, where you can get answers to questions about making transactions, reporting non deliveries, etc.

There are literally thousands of artisans waiting to share their creations with you. Check them out today!


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