Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Review: The Language of Love and Respect

Taking a quick survey of my married friends, we all agreed communication was the number road block in our marriages. So we know the problem, how can we fix it?

Never fear, Dr. Eggerichs second book The Language of Love and Respect is a perfect mix of make-you-think realizations and real-life applications. Now, I must admit, I didn't read his first book, titled Love & Respect, so I was worried that I be a little lost. However, the beginning of the book dedicates itself to summarizing the book's key elements in a suffice manner. Basically, men and women speak different languages: men in respect, women in love. Men see hurts as disrespectful, women see them as unloving. Then you delve into the meat of the book, the how-tos. These include tangible points that I feel you can mold to fit your own marriage.

From avoiding the "crazy cycle" to talking to your spouse in the "Jesus way" I feel like this book is jam packed with the tools to mend any marriage, in any stage. I also think his emphasis on unconditional love in a marriage really hits on why communication is so important.

Dr. Eggerichs contribution to couples everywhere is this little treasure. Pick it up for a little marriage helper in 2010!

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