Sunday, March 21, 2010

Danny the Dragon DVD {review}

Remember our buddies Danny the Dragon and Jimmy? Well, we were blessed with the opportunity to interview Tina Turbin, the author, and get a preview of the DVD, which will be released in April. It is a wonderful movie which not only tells the story with illustrations, but also has a sign language reading too!

There's a wonderful story behind this DVD too. Tina did a book reading at the Blossom Montessori School, which works with students young to old, many of whom are deaf. She was inspired by the students, the staff, and their stories. She was told a glaring statistic: The reading level of most graduating deaf students is grade 4. Tina left wanting to do more for those students. A portion of Danny the Dragon's DVD sales will be donated to this school, and will most importantly bring awareness to deaf education.

I also wanted to know more about her website,, which offers support and information about Celiac Disease. From the diagnosis itself, to treatment, to living a gluten-free life, the website has a wealth of ideas. After years of misdiagnosis, she wanted to create a place where those who are also searching for answers, can find them. Please, head over to the if you are looking for help with Celiac Disease!

My daughter and I just loved the DVD, and we would highly recommend it as a family-friendly and adventure filled flick!

Thanks so much to the lovely folks over at Danny the Dragon for giving us a sneak peek, and to Tina Turbin for the interview!!


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