Thursday, May 20, 2010


I know things have been slow around here lately, but I promise we've got some great shops coming up! The last week in May will bring a very special giveaway just in time for Father's Day, and June promises bath and body goodies, treats for kiddos, and everything in between! Stick with us, I promise it will be worth it!!

Now, in lieu of giveaway entries, anybody have advice for happy travels on long car rides? :)

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  1. Food keeps me fairly happy on long car rides, so I always pack plenty of healthy snacks and a few treats as well :) I have no tips for the kiddos since mine is not even a year. When we were driving last month we just kept lots of toys handy for her and get a new CD (Raffi...she loves him!) just before the trip. For me I try to bring something to keep my hands busy if I'm not driving like crochet or cross stitch. That way I can still talk to hubby but be "doing" something.
    Have fun!