Friday, January 14, 2011

Do you school?

Happy Friday!  I am looking for a little advice from the fabulous readers :)

Here's my situation:

1.  We live in a very rural area.  As in, cows are my neighbors, not people.  Our small town does not currently have a preschool.

2.  My 3 year old is a very strong-willed, hands on kind of kid.  She loves to learn and manipulate and sort.  But she needs something more.

Because driving 3 hours to the nearest big city for a preschool doesn't make sense to us right now, I decided that I would start {very small!} and work on ABC's and recognition along with the basics -- shapes, colors, countings, etc.  Stuff we already do, but with more of a focused intent.

Here is where you come in!!!!

Because of the vastness of the internet, I have found some very great resources and am pooling them together into something that works for us!  But, do YOU have any special resources you use for schooling, crafts, ideas, and more?  What is your go to site (or book, resource) for all things education, especially the preschool age?  What works?  What doesn't??

Do share!!  Many thanks in advance lovely friends!  And happy weekend to you and yours!

*photo is a sample of my husband's library he inherited from his great uncle and great grandpa!  Such cool books!


  1. Hey Bethany-
    I "school" my three kiddos.
    I use the library as my biggest source. My littlest will be 4 next month. She has been more and more
    interested in joining in. I have just changed my approach to home schooling and am going to go with "unit studies"...The cool is you find the unit study you want to do and get the library list(if your library has an online way to search and hold books, it makes it so easy because the books are right there waiting for you) The "units" are based on books that your kid will love anyway! AND some you probably have.
    Here is my favorite spot right now:
    GREAT for your little one.
    I also just found that on the button on the top that says "blog"..she has an entire alphabet study on her blog too!
    Good luck!!!

  2. PS. there are unit studies for both Treasure Island and Tom Sawyer for when they get older ;-)

  3. This is a great site:

    Good luck! My little girl just turned 2, so I'll be right behind you! Blog about your adventures in teaching so we can all follow!

  4. Bethany,

    My son is in preschool as we have a plethora of them around, but as a teacher one of the online sites I love is for preschool age appropriate learning and games.
    I also tend to hit up the dollar bins at Target for their books, crafts and such to do at home and then I reinforce the letter, number and color of the week he's doing in school.

  5. You all are so wonderful! Thanks for the encouragement and the links!

    Aubrey, I love the idea of units! Now, just getting my ducks in a row :)

    Jenny, I will do my best!! I think I'll end up combining a bunch, and so I will for sure keep you posted!

    Thanks so much Woobie!! :) That site is great, and I LOVE the Dollar bins at Target! They always have great finds, don't they!

    Again, many thanks! You guys are such blessings!! :)