Saturday, January 29, 2011

hanamik {review+coupon!}

I'm about to introduce you to a sweet shop with photography accessories and more, hanamik!!

Maybe you're a little more together than I, but I am constantly misplacing my lens cap... and it usually ends up in my little Reese's chompers.  Even if you don't have a teething little one, how fantastic are these hand stitched, embroidered lens caps?

Not only that, sweet Hana, the brilliant {and absolutely adorable mama-to-be!} has created these lovey heart day lens cap pockets too!  I am seriously in love!!  Sure, it is that season, but how perfect are these sweet little pockets?

Seriously crushing on the olive.  I love hanamik's style:  clean, classy, and totally sophisticated with a touch of vintage flair.  I didn't even think that was possible?!?

Plus, Hana is ultra professional and ships fast with great care!  You really can't go wrong, and what a great treat for yourself or a special snap-happy friend!  Another bonus to hanamik?  You can get these babies personalized with your initial!  So cute!!

Such a gem when it comes to originality and fresh ideas!  AND, hanamik is offering an exclusive discount to you lucky readers!  Use the code "IVYTWINES" and score 15% off your purchase!

So head over and shop around!  You'll fall in love!

PLUS, you MUST head over to Hana's blog.  In addition to her super adorable baby bump, she offers tons of inspiration and is doing Every Day Matters, where she shares sketches and drawings to work and expand creativity!  It is so cool!

And follow her on twitter too :)

Happy shopping at hanamik!

Hana and hanamik so sweetly provided me with a great lens pocket to review and brag about!  Thanks so much for offering this great discount too!  Congrats mama-to-be!  Can't wait to see pictures of you sweet little one!  :)

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  1. I love these lens covers