Sunday, February 6, 2011

on the vine

happy sunday folks! :)

(edited to add:  happy SUPERBOWL sunday!  who ya rootin' for?)

Do you all goodreads?  Am I the last person to get on here?  Create an account, search through and add books you've read, rate the books and write reviews if you feel like it!  I added my gmail account just automatically added lots of my contacts as my bookie friends!  If you are on there, shout out your email so I can check out your book recommendations! :)

My blogging buddy Desi over at WeeShare has searched the web to find free subway art printables!  She's found some sweet heart day ones too!!!  (find fruits of the spirit here!)

A lovely reader brought to my attention  It's basically a site that allows you to choose your charity, and when you shop online (through their links on the website) the retailer kicks back a percentage of your shopping trip to your chosen iGive charity!  Easy peasy to sign up!  If you do, let me know what charity you are supporting!

and of course, what is Superbowl Sunday without the commercials?  And the yummy dips, hot wings, good friends...  enjoy your day! :)


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