Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crystal Light Pure {review}

This year, I've really been trying to drink more water, but admit it, water can get boring sometimes!  Instead of popping open a can of Diet Coke, I've been sipping on some yummy Crystal Light Pure!

Let me say, I don't normally like drink mixes like this because I don't usually like their taste.  I was excited to see that Crystal Light is using Truvia and sugar to sweeten up their Pure mixes, and was really excited to try them out!  In fact, Pure contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives!

I tested the Grape flavor and loved it!  They add in electrolytes so it is a perfect drink for me after my workout!  I love Crystal Light Pure's on-the-go packages too!  Makes for an easy convenient way to travel with them and use them pretty much anywhere!

Be on the lookout in your local grocery store for the newest flavors, Tropical, Wild Berry, and Lemonade!  Just in time for summer!

A special thank you to the One2One Network for giving me this opportunity!  Check them out and join too!  I was supplied with Crystal Light Pure to test out and share my humble opinion with you!


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