Friday, March 4, 2011

New Purex Complete Crystals Softener {review}

I'm going to make a laundry confession:  I've always held a grudge against fabric softeners.

It goes way back when I was a kid, visiting my grandma's.  Her towels were always so very soft, so cozy... but never dried you off.  The culprit was her fabric softener.

It doesn't help all the buzz surrounding dryer sheets and the way we are all trying to eliminate our exposure to possible carcinogens.  I just go with plain old detergent, but with our hard water with calcium and lime deposits, we get a lot of those deposits on our clothes, making them feel pretty grungy.

This might be airing too much dirty laundry, but we live on a cattle ranch, with actual cows, horses, sheep, and while they are lovely, they sometimes stink.  And that means my cowboy husband and my little cowgirls are going to get into some situations where their clothes are going to come home needing a couple cycles in the wash.  I do want to keep our laundry smelling fresh without being overwhelming and making them feel too soft.

Yay for research and technology!

 Purex has developed a line of fabric softener to clean up the bad reputation of their predecessors.  Thanks to Purex Insiders, {you can join too!!} I was able to test out some softener of my very own!  Remember, I am a very wary bear when it comes to softeners in general, so I approached this with extreme caution.

I might be a believer!  In looking at Complete Crystals benefits, while I'm no scientist, it seems to me Purex has eliminated many of the general concerns and created a revolutionary product!!  Affordable, and for us, keeps the cow smell where it belongs!!  :)

Now what to do about our boots...

Anyway, head over to Purex for exclusive coupons to try out Complete Crystals!  Or just poke around to learn more about it!


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