Thursday, March 31, 2011

Over 600 friends? Nice to meet you!

Wow.  I checked in on Google Friends and was blown away by the number.  I can't begin to thank you all so much for reading, coming back, and supporting handmade and talented folks I have met in my little over a year of The Ivy Twines.  {shoot, I missed by anniversary, didn't I?}

That comes to you.  Yes, you reading!  You guys are really who make this site.  I love shopping and connecting with creative souls, but I love hearing your stories, and meeting you through the comments too!  Wow!  I'm getting sappy here!

But the truth is, when I started this site, I had no idea who would be out there reading besides my faithful mother.  {hi mom!}  It has become a true love of mine, and a motivation to do more and give back, too.  I never fathomed that I would have lovely readers like you!

So, I thought I'd give you 10 things you don't know about me.  Just like an awkward first date.  Ready?

1.  I have 3 sisters, 2 daughters, and a sweet little niece.  Trust me, I know the whole girl thing!

2.  I grew up a ND girl, but after falling in love with a cowboy, we ended up as the 4th generation on a cattle ranch nestled in between three mountain ranges in Montana.  {anybody interested in organic, free range, grass fed delicious beef?}

3.  My hubs and I watch American Idol.  {don't tell him I told you!} My sisters and I love Glee.  I really really love music!  {and Pandora!}

4.  I don't like the last sip of milk in a glass.  Not sure why?

5.  I've always loved crafting.  It started young as my mama always sewed us matching outfits {4 girls!} and was always a DIY-er.  My dad and my mom completely restored an old 1890's house together!  But I'm a habitual un-finisher.  I've got great intentions, just not the completions.

6.  I graduated with a degree in History Education.  Yes, I'm a history geek.  Someday I'll teach, but I'm very blessed to be able to stay at home with my girlies!

7.  I'm competitive.  I played college volleyball, but I actually think I'm most competitive at board games, like Scrabble.

8.  I went to work one day with my husband.  I drove a pickup with a trailer load of 5 huge round bales. I ended up getting stuck in a ditch and busting up the trailer.  Yes, I went to work just that once I think.  :)  {actually, I've been more employed as a cook and more nurturing jobs, like checking out heifers and bottle feeding calves.}

9.  My dog Leroy barks at birds with a ferocious growl but will give happy puddles to anyone who comes to visit.  {you have been warned!}

10.  I've used coupons for over a year.  My level of coupon hardcore-ness {think TLC Extreme Couponing} is pretty mild, because we literally are a three hour round trip to the nearest Target.  But, I save my family mass amounts when we do make it to civilization.  Anyone else use them?  Or want to?

and an extra:  11.  here is a typical day in the life of me.

Now it is YOUR TURN!  Yes, take the mike and tell us a little bit about yourself, please!  I can't wait to learn more about you! :)

And just THANK YOU.  For your support, your encouragement, and your love.  You out there, are AWESOME!  Hugs!


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