Monday, May 9, 2011

spring fever + spring cleaning help


Ahh.  The very best way to swing!

You may have noticed the quiet around here, the slow down in features, and the days skipped between posts.  Well, it seems as though I've been hit by spring, finally, and the girls and I have enjoyed day long adventures in our flower beds and garden, catching frogs and spreading grass seed.  The usual.  :)

Don't let your little heart worry though, I have some very awesome features with some very sweet people, and a June Give Back that is beyond fabulous!  Stay tuned for some great Ivy Twines coming soon!

In the meantime, are you all spring cleaning these days?  I found some helpful resources I just had to share with my friends!

Ahhhh-mazing book!  Check out this post here {plus I just love subscribe!} and get this book for half off!  It is inspiring, helpful, and such a positive lift for those of us who don't really care for cleaning.

Who does cleaning better than Martha Stewart?  Check out this free printable spring cleaning checklist and helpful hints from the queen of domestic herself!


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