Friday, May 20, 2011

What to Blog About {blogging 101}

Well, by now hopefully you secured a stellar blog name, designed it beautifully, but what will you write about?

Here's what I think:  You are unique, and you are you.  So, whatever your blog will be like, it will be fantastic!  Maybe you want to share local deals, or funny tidbits about your life, your kids, your job.  Or maybe you want a space to showcase your brilliant photography or poetry?  Whatever you feel moved to write about, do it!

I talked earlier about my personal blog.  For me, it's a way to share my life here on the ranch with family and friends across the country.  Sometimes I post everyday, sometimes I go weeks without so much as a photo of the girls.  I love to write, and use it as a way to document our life, kind of like scrapbooking. :)  Here I share my handmade loves and other online inspirations, and search for ways to incorporate more giving into my life.  Sometimes they blend together, but mostly they stay separate.  Plus, I think you all could only handle so many pictures of my kids. :)

I found a couple great resources for blogging content, so feel free to check it out!

Mama’s Losin’ It

Hilarious {check out her Letters to Ellen and her vlog about using "Woot!"} and such a great tool.  You can sign up to receive weekly emails with prompts, then link up to her blog with your post on that topic!


Again, I'm pretty much in love with momcomm.  She has great resources for writing including this post about brainstorming using the magazine method.  Love it!

Still stuck on what to post?  Well, you could fill yours days blogging with daily themes, like "Wordless Wednesdays" where you only post a picture.  {I'm not sure where this orginated?  Anyone??}

the pleated poppy blog

The Pleated Poppy is a sweet sweet blog/shop that hosts a weekly "What I Wore Wednesday" that is wildly popular!  Plus, you can check out cute outfits and find more fun bloggers with it!

You could always link your photos up too!  There are tons of places, but I have linked up at M3B and i heart faces.

And, I just googled and found this huge list of "memes" which is the fancy word for these little link-ups.


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