Monday, August 29, 2011

Mat Kearney - Young Love {review!}

I'm finding that the more years I'm out of college, the less cool I am about music.  You know what I mean?  I really rely on Pandora, my sisters' recommendations, and iTunes "we think you might like..." to fuel any kind of new music loves for me.

I was so excited to see Mat Kearney out with a new album, because I've loved his music ever since "Nothing Left to Lose" {circa 2006}.  His new album, Young Love, which debuted August 2nd, is awesome and let me tell you, this one is packed full!

I especially love "Hey Mama" and "She Got the Honey", but Mat's style is eclectic and punchy, and the lyrics are brilliant.  If you like the singer/songwriter types, Mat's your guy!

He's currently on tour, so check out to see if he's at a location near you!  Hey Mat, come to Montana! :)

The whole album is only $4.99 on Amazon right now!  {I use Amazon for most of my music downloads! :)  Super easy, most of the time it's a less expensive, and it automatically imports to your iTunes!}

Mat Kearney

{word around town is that he wrote this song after meeting his future wife for the first time!  he started singing in the hotel room, and came up with this!  love it!!}

I was given a download of the album thanks to One2One network.  All opinions are my own, as always!  Thanks to One2One for the fabulous opportunity!


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