Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Teamotions {review + discount}

I can't wait to share my newest favorite treat for fall, Teamotions Teas!

Yummy, loose leaf teas that come in great flavors, too!  Can't beat that!

Teamotions Teas are more than just good teas though -- they are specially formulated to support the emotional well-being, making each cup a healing experience.  Using special herbs called adaptogens, like chamomile for rest and oatstraw for stress relief, they encourage relaxation and recharging.  The company itself was born out of infant loss and grief, with two sisters coping over cups of tea, and deciding that there needed to be teas that helped people feel better.


When I was in college and 10 hours from my family, my mom frequently sent me care packages, often including tea.  I'm always on the hunt for soothing teas, and love trying new varieties.  I'm in love with Teamotions because the teas are truly delicious, and unique!  There's something about the fresh flavors of loose leafed tea!


This Discover Joy Lemon Vanilla Green Tea is my favorite, and I don't usually favor green tea!  I thought it had great flavor without being too overpowering, too.  I drizzled in a hint of honey, and it has been my drink of choice each night!

I also made a pitcher of iced Have Hope Citrus Strawberry White Tea, which was so good!

Browsing their website, you'll find all sorts of flavors and even more important, encouragement.  You can tell they've done their research and are looking to create the most comforting tea expereience for you!

Teamotions is offering an awesome free shipping code for Ivy Twines readers!!  Use FIRSTFREE to ship your entire order free!

Be sure to keep track of Teamotions for more info and promotions!

What kind of tea do you like?  Please share!!


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