Friday, October 28, 2011

Woolly Pocket {review+giveaway}

I'm so excited to introduce Woolly Pocket, who is making it easy to garden anywhere, one pocket at a time!

Isn't that living wall awesome?  Woolly Pocket is a simple system that makes works of art, like this, possible -- and easy!  


And this is how:  with an eco-friendly recycled design, each pocket can keep the dirt and moisture from making a mess, while nurturing and growing your very own indoor garden!  Since a hard frost was approaching, I decided to transplant some mint to enjoy all winter long!  The installation was a cinch, and my girls helped me water and make the new plant right at home on our wall!  I think it would be great to have a whole indoor herb garden!

{my little helpers over-watered our pocket, and even though it was soaked, it didn't leak on our walls!  phew!}

My favorite aspect of the Woolly Pocket company is their school garden program, which encourages classrooms and students to experience growing their very own garden!  Along with promoting healthy habits, they are learning too!  It's super easy to sign up, and anyone interested can get more info here.


I have seen the benefits of the girls and I working together to make things grow, and I'm so excited to have the Woolly Pocket to experiment with inside now!  Woolly Pocket offers all sorts of different garden sizes of wall pockets, along with tabletop models and floor models too, so check out their brand spankin' new website to see tons of great photos of the Woollys in action!


Their newest Mini Wally comes with it's very own book, about Dudley and Omar and their Moving Garden!  So adorable!!

Here's a quick video with a great variety of how the Woolly Pocket works!  We love ours!!

Thanks to Woolly Pocket, they are offering up a Wally One to a lucky reader!  Yay!!

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  1. I hate buying fresh herbs at the grocery store in the winter. I would love to use the wall pockets to grow herbs indoors.

  2. great idea @rhonda i think that is exactly what i would do!!

  3. Oh this would be so cool. I love to garden with my little one! I would LOVE to win!!

  4. Heck yeah! Woolly Pockets are life changing!