Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reading Kingdom {review!}

My four year old, Ella, has been super interested in learning and school ever since we started out own preschool co-op this fall.  Since I'm home with the girls, I try to squeeze in learning opportunities whenever I can, but I also embrace other mediums, especially "techy" ones that can help teach my kids how to utilize technology and learn, too!  Reading Kingdom is fabulous mix of fun and games, with online interactive reading programs based on each individual child!  The preschool has proven to be a great start for introducing the basics, and ever since I've discovered Reading Kingdom, she's been diving into her "reading" even more!

Reading Kingdom totally customizes its programs to your learners, after evaluating where your child is and developing goals!  From there, it's all up to you!

We especially love that the lessons are short, and perfect for a preschooler's attention span, but if Ella wants to keep clicking around and learning, she sure can, and she enjoys to find the extras in each lesson.  

If you're looking for way to introduce letters and reading for a kiddo in your life, consider the Reading Kingdom membership!  Good for all learners -- early readers, struggling readers, and accelerated readers -- and easy to gift, too!

Here's a quick peek into how the Reading Kingdom program looks with my sweet little Ella!

This is Ella's first time using the keyboard and mouse for something specific like this.  She's used my Macbook a tiny bit, and both girls have used the iPad quite a bit.  So this is something very new to her.  I love how interactive and encouraging Reading Kingdom is, and it's definitely challenging without being frustrating!  And if you know any four year olds, you know that you'll try to avoid frustrations! :) I would recommend this highly!  

We would love to see Reading Kingdom as an iPad/Android app too!  


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