Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Books in January

I'm really trying to get more books read this year, so I thought I'd keep you up to date with what I've been reading!

Crazy Love:  We actually read this for a women's retreat, and did the accompanying study guide and DVDs.  I thought this book was really challenging, and definitely changed the way I feel about giving and the church.

The Money Saving Mom's Budget:  I've been following the Money Saving Mom blog for a few years now, and was so excited to read more in depth about budgets and home management in her book!  I loved it!  There were tons of great ideas for saving money and how to live on less.

Heaven is for Real:  Our local library belongs to a statewide ebook/audiobook site where you can check out books for free!  There are TONS of titles to choose from, and I have just LOVED browsing and listening to books while I fold laundry or iron clothes.  This has been recommended by so many, so I decided it would be my first rental!  I did really like it, although I found myself distracted sometimes and missing parts!  I do like the audiobook format though!

What have you been reading?  

What books do you recommend?


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