Thursday, February 16, 2012

How do you use Pinterest?

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Oh dear sweet Pinterest, you have taken the internet by storm these days!

The stats tell all, and the rush to join and start pinning have left non-pinners wondering why the heck pinterest is so popular?

Here is how I use Pinterest:

A place to organize recipe ideas and easily access... no printing recipes needed!
Sewing and crafty ideas all on one board!
An easy way to work with our contractor on ideas for our upcoming house remodel. {my white kitchen  and mud room/laundry room}
Printables around the web.  In love.
See what content is "pinterest popular" from my site
Share, share, and share!

Still not convinced?

Tons and tons of my facebook friends are now using Pinterest, many of them have never perused a dreaded "mom blog" -- ever.  I think it has the ability to totally change an audience, introduce more content, and prove that blogs do have value.

Now, there's been some criticism on Pinterest and the inability to credit original sources, {which you can read more about here} which I believe is a valid concern, but one of my favorite reasons for using Pinterest is to find great new websites to use... like Sprout Robot, which gives me a garden planting guide by my zip code.  Or crafting/sewing websites that once directed via pin, I click and check out more tutorials and content.  A lot of times before I pin {or repin} something, I'll check the original source first to make sure it's actually pointing to the right address, and then I'll make my own pin.  For example, I once pinned what I thought was a huge collection of "free printables" but once I clicked on the link, it actually took me to a blog where I could purchase them.  No big deal, but when you think of how many times that will get repinned, you might end up with some cranky pinners, only because no one is doing their homework.

The "link with love" movement is inspired by Pinterest, and its goal is to protect online and visual content, and encourages users of Pinterest to make sure they are giving credit to original sources.

So what do you think?  What is your favorite way to use it?  Have you discovered great content and have success stories?  Or have you had issues with content being mistakenly credited?  Please share!

And leave your Pinterest addy here so we can all find some new friends to follow!

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  1. This is going to sound completely cheesy, but Pinterest has changed my life. The inspiration it has given me to LIVE LIFE has been incredible. I enjoy cooking again, I enjoy dressing myself again, I enjoy holidays again, and I am even working out again!

  2. I mean Pinterest would have helped so much during my wedding.

    I have tried to be more conscience of the items I pinned, I like to be able to back track to the original creator or poster.

    But I am all for finding new pinners!

  3. Thanks you two! Yay! I'm going to check out your boards now! I agree Elizabeth... it has done wonders for a typically unorganized me. We must be super visual people!! :)