Tuesday, March 13, 2012

another great iPad app!


If your littles love Max and Ruby like mine, you'll have to check out Max's Mole Mash available from More TV Interactive Inc!


My 4 year old opened it up and started playing right away!  I appreciate uncompleted iPad apps!  It's a great game that allows you to "mash" moles just like the arcade games!  It will also give prompts to "mash the green moles!"  If you mash the moles within the allotted time, it unlocks a bonus mini game that both my girls love!


Available now for only $1.99, it definitely a great app to keep little fingers occupied!


Check out Max's Mole Mash and more {like Franklin apps!} at the iTunes App Store!

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I received a download of Max's Mole Mash to facilitate our review.  All opinions are my honest and own!

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