Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just keep running...

These days I've taken up a new hobby.  I wouldn't say I'm a great runner, not even a good one, but I'm running.  I've got a lot of things motivating me right now:

1.  My pup.  He just recently had eye surgery, hence the halo.  He loves to go exploring and is always so excited to see me with my sneaks on.

2.  My girls.  They are constantly asking to run with me, and if I can be a good healthy example to them, I will take it!  I am blessed with a mama who really works hard, is busy, and still squeezes in time to work out, and she has been such a great motivation for me to do the same.

3.  A few races.  They always tell beginning runners to sign up for your first race so that you'll be encouraged to keep with it.  Well, I decided to do one a month, starting in May.  July's race has a different twist:  it's an 81 mile relay with my sisters, cousins, and an uncle.  Talk about incentive.

4.  Me.  I am starting to use running as my "me time", and it's been very good for the soul.  I feel so blessed to have miles and miles of quiet, beautiful country to run.  I marvel at the mountains, watch herds of elk and deer as they graze on our meadows, and take in the cool breeze as I go.  I'm sleeping better, have more energy, and way more patience.  And it's good for me!

What do you do to keep in shape?  What's your motivation?

Happy Thursday!!


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