Friday, May 18, 2012

Million dollar rain and a happy weekend!

Last night we got what my husband considers a "million dollar rain" because of how dry it has been all spring, and our lack of snow cover this winter.  Everything is greening up a bit, and that makes our cows and calves very happy!

I survived my first race. I was actually so excited, as I had set my goal time to be under 1 hour, and I finished in 50 minutes.  My first 5 mile race was a success!  I have a 10k the middle of June, and I'm hoping to get my splits down a bit into the 9 minute zone.

Some links for the weekend:

Design - Love this Choose Joy printable... finding some wall space for it today!  {via Lil Blue Boo}

Photography - Want to make your own watermark in Photoshop?  {via Mom.tog}

Homemade - No Bake Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares... yum {via How Sweet It Is}

Inspiration - In regards to the TIME cover... the mommy war against the motherless child  {via Rage against the Minivan}

Happy weekend all!!


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