Thursday, June 7, 2012

Books in May

I've been slacking on my reading, but it seems like once the wind dies down, the snow melts, and the weather is nice, I am itching to get out in my yard and gardens!  Once I get things cleaned up, I usually read more, especially those sunny days playing outside with my girls.

Here is what I was reading in May:

1.  A Heart Like His - Beth Moore - I have always loved the story of David, and this book takes you to the heart of that story, and why he was such a remarkable follower of God.  I am a big Beth Moore fan, and have done many of her studies with my Bible Study Groups, and this book is a perfect addition to her work!  I highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking to discover how and where to serve faithfully, this is it!

2.  The Next Thing on My List - Jill Smolinski - This is a quick read that shares the story of a woman who carries out completing a list of 20 things after her friend, the author of the list, is killed in a car accident.  It's a sweet read that may inspire you to create your very own list!

And that's it!  Remember I said I was slacking a bit! :)

Any good book recommendations for the summer?  Do share!


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