Monday, July 16, 2012

More great iPad apps!

We are about to take off for a summer trip to my parents', which means a 10 hour road trip to plan for!  Both girls are pretty good about traveling, but I thought I would pick up a few more apps to keep us busy on the way! :)  Here are some more kids iPad apps to check out too!

Franklin's Bubble Blaster {$.99} - The girls love this simple app that takes bubble popping to a new level!  You can earn rewards and it's a perfect game especially for my 3 year old, who loves something quick and encouraging!  We were able to test out this app thanks to Watch More TV Interactive {same creators of the Max and Ruby app we love!} and we are now wanting to download Franklin's Bumpy Buggy Race and the new Max and Ruby's Bunny Hop!  Such a steal at $ .99!!

Toca Tea Party {$.99} - We finally jumped in and purchased this great app after seeing the high praises, and the girls really do love it!  {they are playing it in the above picture} It allows for lots of creativity and they take turns pouring and serving each other -- it's really cute!  AND a perfect way to take the fun of tea parties on the road, without the mess! :)

Toca Kitchen Monsters {free} - I'm kind of sold on the cute Toca apps after this cute little freebie.  You basically are preparing and serving food for a couple of hungry monsters, and you get to see whether they like it, or spit it out!  We think it's a pretty cute app!

Barbie Fashionistas {free} - I was a little skeptical, but I have to admit, my kids have had fun playing with it!  My girls like changing the pets and switching out clothes, and then saving their outfits to the iPad.  Nothing better than playing a little dress up!

My Little Pony: Ruckus Reader {free} - A cute little story, and the option to purchase more stories too. This one has a few games and matching puzzles, and I'm thinking we might purchase the special bundle just because I happen to love the cute interactive storybooks on the iPad!  But for right now, they are having fun exploring this one!

PlaySquare {free for a limited time} - This is actually a pretty cool app that promises interactive tv.  The first episode is a WordWorld one, which we happen to love, and it's really neat to explore and build the letters and words while you are watching the story unfold.  We can't wait for more neat episodes!

Make A Scene: Farmyard {free for a limited time} - Good old sticker book fun!  Super fun illustrations and a great quiet time activity!  The girls are having so much fun creating play scenes and playing together too!

Team Umizoomi Math: Zoom into Numbers {$3.99} - Normally I wouldn't pay that much for an app, but I read the reviews and decided to test it out!  I'm so glad I did.  The girls are constantly coming back to play with this.  Not only can you increase the levels when your child learns more, but it unlocks new games and has a goal, to collect stickers, to "beat" the game!  We have had it for over 6 months and they still love it!

Angelina Ballerina's New Ballet Teacher {$2.99} - Tons of activities and fun packed into one app!  I love interactive books, and also love when they have fun extras like puzzles, coloring, or videos!  This one has them all!  It is a cute story too!

The Monster at the End of this Book... starring Grover! {$3.99} - Another one of our favorites!  This was a favorite of mine as a kid {obviously not in an iPad form back then!} and it's even more fun as an app!  We also just purchased The Great Cookie Thief too, it was only $.99!!

Any great apps to share?  I'm always looking for new ones!

Happy Monday!


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