Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Give Back: Have a Blanket Party!

Having a tough time deciding how to contribute to May's Project Night Night Give Back?
Here's what I did!
I am happy to say that I belong to a very generous and compassionate family.  A family that loves to help in any way that they can.  Knowing this, I took much advantage and through a blanket making party with the proceeds going to Project Night Night

There was good food, good company . . . all for a GREAT cause.

Even the rough and tumble (who we thought would never be caught showing their domestic sides) joined in on the blanket making fun!  AMAZING!

I made certain to have lots of fleece fabric on hand, loads of yummy snacks to help create tons of happy faces!  The tie blankets ensured that everybody could participate because of the ease of construction.  Some people cut - some people tied.  It was an inspiring team effort!

And they all ended up beautiful and most importantly they were MADE WITH LOVE!

Our goal was to make 20 blankets as a family to be able to donate to Project Night Night.  (And if you think this family consists of any underachievers, you will be quickly corrected!)  The result?
Why, 20 soft and comfy blankets just waiting to be loved on!
(Thanks family for being amazing people!  You are an inspiration!)

Now, this is just an idea of how you can contribute!  There are many other ways you can help out!

  • Have extra fabric laying around?  Donate it to others who would be willing to put it to use towards making a blanket to donate.


  • Have a ladies' night of friendly chit chat, good snacks, an episode of Dancing with the Stars and some blanket or quilt-square making.


  • Kids love to take part in helping out!  Encourage your child's summer baseball team to get together after practice to whip up some easy tie blankets! 

Get creative and remember that it's for a GREAT cause!  Those children will be so grateful!


  1. This is SO awesome! Love the fabrics you chose!

  2. What a fantastic family/group project! And what great memories you'll have of this endeavor, along with the wonderful feeling of helping others and giving back. I love the idea of getting everyone involved.