Friday, June 11, 2010

June's Give Back: Project Night Night (part two!)

No dear readers, we have not gone crazy. See, remember this post? Well, we made a somewhat ambitous goal of donating 100 "helps" to Project Night Night. Although our tally may be a little off, we've done about 30. Thanks to all who have helped, donated, and worked on getting that many donations! Can you imagine 30 snuggly kids sleeping soundly tonight? Just awesome!!

Not that they all have to come here and now, but I know that we, myself included, can do better!

Here is what is on my agenda for this month:

1.) I'm hosting my very own Project Night Night Blanket making party! Inspired by our very own Jenny's very successful party! 20 blankets! (if you're in my area, let me know! :)) Because we were traveling much of May, I've finally set a date, and am recruiting all able-bodied persons to help me tie, sew, crochet, or whatever we can do to help us reach our goal!

2.) Call the local shelters! (yay! already done!) Because my local shelter does not take direct donations because of their lack of space, they did fill me in on various ways that I could volunteer my time and talents to their programs. My little sister is currently volunteering her time as an activity director at the local shelter in her town! Although I love Project Night Night and their hard work, I am also committed to helping local programs, and encourage you to do so as well!

3.)Our very local (and very small town) food bank constantly needs volunteers! Whether it is helping to hand out on certain days or organizing and stocking, every little bit helps! I'm even going to enlist my two year old... she's got a knack for organizing! Find out what kind of ministries and programs are in your area!

4.) Explore other ways to help out in the fight against homelessness. I'll keep you posted on this one!!

While we expand our ways to help Project Night Night and other great causes, I urge to you give a little. A little time, a little fleece, a little anything. If all of us can come together, big things can happen!

I'm chalking it up to a crazy May for us all, and so we're going to work hard this month to do our part to help. We're not under-achievers, are we?!?!?!

Feel free to leave with us ideas on helping too! Or maybe what your June plan of attack is! :)


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