Monday, July 26, 2010

Project Night Night {a recap}

You didn't think I forgot, did you? Nope, just going on summer's clock ... which means extremely slow! Sorry for the delay of this, but I wanted to post about our successes with Project Night Night.

Yep. that's a stack of 17 fleece blankies, ready to find a new home. (I have one more to collect from a neighbor) Now, I wasn't as organized as Jen at getting them done all in one party, but they are done! I had two wonderful friends and my mother in law help one drizzly afternoon where we got a bunch done. Then my daughters "helped" me finish a couple more. We just had my wonderful cousin staying with us to help watch the girls and experience a little MT for the summer, and she and her friend finished 8 blankets in one night -- EIGHT!

Before my cousin came to visit, she and her friends in Alaska spent tons of time making this special quilt just for Project Night Night. Did I mention she's 12? She and her two friends loved the idea of making it for other kids, and this beautiful quilt is the result! My heart overflows...
The grand total for Project Night Night's Give Back...
Thanks so much to all who helped with this great cause! My mom's group here decided that we'd have another party this winter, (which would be much more seasonally appropriate) and donate again. Giving back can last all year long :) Can you imagine that 39 more kiddos will have a cozy night's rest? Soon enough sweet ones!!

Any other blankets to contribute? Let me know if I'm missing you in the final count!

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  1. This is amazing!! I can't believe a 12 year old made that quilt, too. This is a very sweet and generous act of kindness!