Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Annual Christmas Card {Shutterfly Christmas 2010 review}

Seriously, Christmas cards have come a pretty long way haven't they? I feel like the 2010 season has a perfect mix of anything you could possibly dream up!

We've got the basic Christmas photo cards with hundreds of options. I personally love the stationery cardstock option for printing. Sturdy and beautiful. Yes!!

Do you want to use 1 photo or 10? Or something in between? Seems like your only problem will be narrowing it down to your favorite :) I was actually thinking about going with a couple designs, and that way I could enjoy them all, and so could my Christmas card recipients!

This is why I'm loving Shutterfly's wide variety of holiday photo card choices -- there's a little something for everyone! I totally love the photo cards, but what if you want to send a little note along sharing your Christmas joy? With the old photo paper cards, you really couldn't! But now, with these ingenious folded Christmas cards, you get the best of both worlds! {Hannah Montana anyone?} Or maybe you're the type who likes to send a letter long! Guess what -- there are plenty of card choices for you, too!

Either way, I've been so pleased with any Shutterfly purchase I've made in the past. I've done cards, birth announcements, and lots of photo books. Really, you could take care of a lot of Christmas shopping in one stop! {check out their canvases!}

And if you'd like, you could solve the dilemma between my two favorite designs. I don't know, there's something I love about this one and it's use of the word "sparkle." Think it will be my winner!

Happy shopping! Christmas is just around the corner!!


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