Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cinch! {review}

Not surprisingly, losing weight one of the most common New Year's resolutions.  Cinch!, (written by The Flat Belly Diet co-author Cynthia Sass!) is a great tool for your arsenal in battling the bulge.

Normally, my food philosophy has always been, "everything in moderation", but now as I am getting older, and with two kids, I find that the whole moderation thing isn't going to keep my body in shape.  Yes, I can maintain my weight pretty well, but I'm not staying fit, or necessarily very healthy.

Cinch! was refreshing because it is a structured 30 day weight loss plan that can be tweaked for your own situation.  The first five day cleanse starts with meals from organic eggs, organic yogurt, raspberries, almonds, and spinach.  After that, there are hundreds of recipes available to jumpstart your new healthy eating lifestyle.

My favorites parts of the book were about emotional eating, and figuring out why we eat (I eat when I'm bored!) and the science behind our body's relationship with food, including the specific timing to eating the meals, and the "five piece puzzle" that each meal should include.

Plus, Cinch! totally recommends indulging in a little dark chocolate!  Can't argue with that! :)

Pick up a copy if you're particularly frustrated with counting calories or quick fix extreme diets -- Cinch! is one that can last a lifetime!  I'll keep you posted on the outcomes!

A special thank you to One2One network for providing me with this opportunity to check out this book! I loved it!


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