Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!! -- New Year, New You! Give Back

Wow! To say that this year went by fast would be an understatement!

I hope yours was filled with many blessings :)

As I look onto 2011, I know that it promises many wonderful things, including getting to know you lovely readers and working to make The Ivy Twines a place to yes, score some seriously cool products, but also a place where we can continue to encourage each other to give back to our families, our communities, and our world.  I think it's safe to say that one small act can really change someone's world.  Let's do it!

To start things off for this fabulous new year, in the spirit of all things relating to resolutions, January will be New Year, New You!  After all, we can't spend a whole year of giving back without giving a little to ourselves, can we?

No, I'm not condoning complete selfishness, but I will go out on a limb to say that you lovely readers probably pamper and take care of those you love and who are most important to you before taking care of yourself!  January will be a month to explore the ways we can treat ourselves, in little but very meaningful ways, to make ourselves a little healthier!

New Year, New You January Give Back

 Comment here to tell us about your resolutions, goals, thoughts, ideas, about how you will improve you in 2011!  These can be physical, spiritual, emotional, etc.  Thanks for sharing!!

Here is mine:  I am a terrible finisher.  I have all sorts of ideas, but never seem to care long enough to actually FINISH what I've started, so one thing I'm really going to aim for in 2011 is to be very intentional with my projects, and my completion of them!


  1. This year I plan on doing short term goals. Instead of committing for a year - I and going to comment for ONE MONTH at a time!

  2. Yes, I believe taking care of and giving back to ourselves is just as important as giving to others.... "Charity begins at home," as my mom often reminds me - like, how could I truly help someone else if I can't even help myself? For example, professionally, I want to become a therapist and/or social worker...and I personally believe that real therapists offer genuine and effective guidance only when they are able to maintain healthy balance within their own personal lives.

    My goal is to write in my journal at least once every day, even if it is only a few lines. My hope is to gain greater self-awareness and understanding, as well as to utilize a healthier outlet for any frustrations/chaos instead of taking it out on others (like my family!).

    Happy New Year 2011 :D

  3. My goals/resolutions are to be better to my body and mind overall. I plan to drink less soda (more water), continue with yoga and to eat more greens :)

  4. i dont generally make resolutions but this year because im pregnant i have decided to eat healthier foods and cook more at home

  5. My goal is to finally loose 50lbs, and to eat healthier, make wiser decisions, and be happier.

  6. @Shari

    Shari! I LOVE this! I am so bad at keeping it up for a year... seems SO long!! Go you!!

  7. @A Brain

    Great one!! I love this, and your charity quote! (thanks for the email too! I'll write you back!) Treat yourself to a pretty journal!! :)

  8. @JennTRC

    Yay you!! I am with you on the water (darn diet coke!) and greens! You can do it!!

  9. @jenzen69

    Congrats mama!! What an awesome goal for this year!!

  10. @Misty

    I'm cheering you on! You can do it!! :)

  11. This year my goals are this -
    - make at least 4 quilts as gifts!
    - make at least 1/2 handmade items to give at the holidays
    - stick to my exercise routine!
    Thanks for encouraging us to write them down!
    - donate to an additional charity!

  12. I have 2 goals this year.. My first goal is to lose some weight (of course that's my goal every year and never happens lol) and my second goal is to get more organized.

  13. I haven't actually though about my goals for this year until right now, but I am amazed at how many came to me right away.

    - I will be having my second child this year and I want to be the best mother to my children that I can possibly be.

    - I am currently learning to knit and I want to stick with it through this frustrating first part.

    - I want to make my new son's baby food. I did not do this with my first b/c I was intimidated.

    - I want to make our kitchen as waste-less as possible. No more paper towels or paper napkins, compost more, recycle more, etc...

    I know there are more, but to me those seem attainable and a good start for a new year.

  14. My resolution is to learn how to knit and work on my little procrastinating problem :)

    blaskey1186 at yahoo(dot)com

  15. I am a diabetic. I have made plans to get more exercise and be more active in the coming year. I have made the decision to not allow this disease to control me, I will overcome it.

  16. My New Year Resolution this year to allow myself to be happy- without getting into too much detail, 2010 was a very hard year, and one in which the concept of happiness was pretty foreign.

    I am trying to buy myself things and be with other people.

  17. I wrote a post on this very topic! Check it out! http://stuffparentsneed.blogspot.com/2010/12/getting-ready-for-2011-with-some-big.html

  18. My resolution is to do well in my classes this year.

  19. My goals and aspirations for this year are really pretty simple. I want to make a concious effort to concentrate more on the things that really matter such as family, happiness and love instead of worries regarding money, stress from daily situations and such.

  20. Mine include the organization of many aspects in life to free time and energy to get back to the gym and love what I have not wanting new because i cant find or want to find what I have. I want to organize my personal and work life. In personal Life i want to get my hosue in tip top and financial and scheduling. I wan to learn and carry out meal planning! I have many goals that may take time but i will make it happen if at all possible in the 2011 year.

  21. My goal it to stop drinking soda. It is bad for me, the caffeine is bad for me. I just feel better when I drink water so this is the year I want to do this!!! One day at a time I can and will break this addiction. :-)