Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{Show some charity LOVE} February Give Back

Are you feeling the love this February?  I don't know why, but poor February's name has come up so many times as the most hated month.  Especially around here, February has a mixed identity and often brings spring like weather and sunshine along with freezing temperatures and blizzards.

I happen to love February.

1.  It is a short month.
2.  Valentine's Day!  Before you go thinking that my sweet husband and I actually recognize this holiday, we don't.  I'll explain in #3.
3.  My birthday happens to fall right before Valentine's Day, so by default we lump the two together. :)
4.  Lincoln's birthday! :)

On to the fantastic Give Back this month!  Here is the challenge!

Because I don't really have planned what Give Backs lie ahead for the rest of the year, I would LOVE to be introduced to specific causes/charities that you all support! 

Comment below with your favorites charity/charities/organizations, any cause you think is worthy!  I know there are tons of big hearted folks out there reading, so tell us who you support and maybe a bit about the organization!  

I am so excited to hear what is on your hearts!  Happy February all!!


  1. i love that i can support community action in utah by giving them all the stockpile items i accrue through couponing and taking advantage of the free stuff i get at drugstores using coupons

  2. Our charities are the american heart association and the american lung association - helping out with those diseases that are the leading causes of death in men and women in the US. Also locally the MI humane society - advocates for animals. I make cat nip toys and donate food to them also. We only have rescue animals!

  3. I believe that "Charity begins at home" and that the development of healthy individuals --and subsequently healthy societies/communities-- begins even before birth, with the parents and the world in which the individual is born. (Oh, but I don't mean to say that a person's heritage/inheritance necessarily defines him/her, though!)

    The causes that are nearest and dearest to my heart promote mental/emotional health; healthy families/parenting; effective education systems and healthy community settings particularly in impoverished inner cities; and awareness and healthy communication among the thousands of factions in the world, including religious, political, sexual, social, and cultural.

    One non-profit charity with which I haven't yet gotten as involved as I'd like is To Write Love On Her Arms. They spread awareness about depression, self-mutilation, and bullying, and spread the message that "you are not alone." Their cause in general is super near to my heart.

    But the non-profit charity with which I've worked/volunteered the most is the social service agency where my mom has worked my whole life. They serve adults with developmental disabilities and I really think my exposure to the behind-the-scenes work of a non-profit has really influenced my aspirations to make non-profit work/fundraising/advocacy definite parts of my future career :)

    Thanks, Bethany, for a WONDERFUL Give Back Challenge!!

  4. The issue that has been on my heart since I heard of it, and until a few years ago I didn't even realize existed anymore, is slavery. Slavery is illegal everywhere, but it exists EVERYWHERE (even in the United States) and there are actually more slaves now around the world then there has been at any other time in history. This is actual slavery, where someone is forced to work by threat of violence and not payed. One source I read said that 50% of human trafficking (the modern term for slavery) was children. 75% to 80% of human trafficking is for sex. And yes, millions of children around the world are being sold to be abused sexually. That's the thing that breaks my heart the most.

    Here's a good overview:

    If you prefer a video, an excellent one is here:

    I have more resources if you want.

    I've really been thinking about this a lot recently. I'd like to spread awareness of this. I've been thinking about trying to start a blog campaign ("Blog Against Slavery" or something like that)...with a monthly focus on a different aspect of modern slavery. Anyways, if you decide to do anything related to this, or would like to be involved if I do go ahead with that (I plan to...but I just have to get things in order and it'll probably take me a month or two to do that)..please let me know.

  5. I support Save the Children- a worldwide organisation dedicated to helping kids with education, health, poverty, human rights etc

    They work consistently with communities as well as travelling to areas affected by natural disasters (such as in Haiti).

    I really admire what they do!

    I also intermittently support Mater Hospital as well as Boystown- (an organisation helping male youth whose families have fallen apart or who are at risk of crime etc) by buying their raffle tickets. I am Australian and these are Aussie charities btw :P

    Love the idea for this post- very inspirational!

  6. The first charity that comes to mind is the volunteer work I do with Special Olympics: as practices for the Spring Olympics have recently started up again. "The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community."