Saturday, March 5, 2011

{break the chains} March Give Back

Do you know what the second largest criminal industry in the world is, right after drugs?

Human trafficking.

"recruiting, transporting and harboring of persons by use of threat, force or deception for the purpose of exploitation."
{United Nations}

This manifests into forced labor, contract slavery, and sexual trafficking.  27 million people worldwide, in bondage.  In the U.S. alone, over 12.3 million children and adults fall victim to this not oft-spoken crime.  The 2011 Superbowl was said to be the largest sex trafficking event in US history.  And their stories are not told.

Great video!  Thanks Gale!! :)

What can we do?

Be aware.  Get educated!!  There are SO many resources, dive in and see where to look for the enslavement and what you can do to help.  Here are some links:

The commercial sex industry heavily contributes to the sex slavery, and my family's very own livelihood, the agriculture and livestock industry, has been a contributor to contract slavery for decades.  It really CAN hit close to home.

Educate Others. I can't stress this importance enough.  A friend of mine in our small sleepy town has started a movement here, bringing to light the horrors of trafficking and what WE, cowboys and ranch wives, can do to support this mission.  Our local movie theater {yes, we do have one!!} hosted a trafficking movie {Call+Response} and packed the theater full.  Our high school speech team themed many of this season's speeches on the topic.  Our small town grocery store carries many fair trade products.  The spread of awareness has touched the lives of many in our town.  You can be the seed of change!

Fair Trade.  Research the companies you routinely buy from.  {Nestle has long been an offender involving their cocoa and coffee production -- they are addressing the problem}  Seek to buy fair trade products when possible.  Encourage businesses to look into their practices to stamp out slavery, let them know it's important to you.

Watch for signs of trafficking.  Know that it can happen next door, and contact authorities when you have concerns.  Don't be afraid to be a voice; you may be the only one to speak out.

{break the chains} Give Back challenges:

do something.  help.

I'm leaving this a little open ended, and though I encourage you to do all and then some, but I'd love to really hear what you discover and resources you have found too.  Pleas share and I'll keep adding them to our list!! - Absolutely beautiful organization that works to abolish child sex slavery and helps in the restoration of victims.

Chain Store Reaction - Pressure companies to rid themselves of any kind of slavery in their supply chain.  Head to this site, click on a company's logo, send an email {use a pre-written letter or draft your own} and click send.  Literally takes 5 minutes to contact about 15 companies.  Tracks responses too!

Stop Trafficking Petition - via The Body Shop.  Quick to sign, and every signature helps!

Tiny Hands International One Girl campaign - purchase a bracelet to support Nepal's trafficking epidemic.  Support with prayer and monetary donations for the work this charity does.

Fast for Freedom -  Part of Not For Sale's program.  Starts March 13th.

Free2Work - This site and phone app lets you know which companies are working hard to provide fair trade/slave free products.

Stop the Traffik - "When people act, things change."  Tons of ways to help take action, including putting pressure on Nestle and hosting your very own events!

Shared Hope International - focuses on educating the public, with many many resources

Destiny Rescue - this is the organization that my friend is involved with.  They work to rehabilitate victims of sex trafficking by providing a safe haven to relearn how to live.  Sponsor a child, take the 26 second challenge, host a jewelry party {with jewelry made by Destiny Rescue victims}, or become a community leader. 

Stop Child Trafficking Now - focuses on the prosecuting of predators and bringing awareness to communities.  Sponsors community walks and even a Stiletto Run.

Blog about it.  Tweet about it.  Facebook your friends.  Spread the word.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

... and please, let us know what changes you are making right here!!  Leave a comment!!


  1. Such a sad thing! I signed the Body Shop petition.

  2. I have to admit, I've come by mostly for the giveaways. But you are good at getting my brain and heart to open up. I not only signed the Body Shop petition, but I went to the Move and Change and followed up with the Nestle and Hershey campaigns as well. I can't promise I'll keep it on the forefront of my mind, but you've carved a tiny spot out as a result of mixing good deeds with giveaways. Kudos to you!

  3. I signed the stop trafficking petition. This is such a sad thing I had no idea that it was this bad, even a little is too much. I think people should ask more questions when they see a questionable situation, which I have done before.

  4. Thank you for all the information, especially on fair trade goods. This is something I can keep at the forefront to make a small difference. I remember watching a documentary recently about tiny sweet little girls and human trafficking. It was terrible to watch. My personal cause is teens and date abuse... something that sadly, can develop into human trafficking.