Sunday, March 6, 2011

on the vine...

What I've learned from the handmade community: {an editorial}

1.  The price is worth it.  Although you can run to the nearest mall to purchase accessories at sometimes a fraction of the cost, buying handmade, to me, is more than that.  It is personal, it is making a connection with the source, and it is supporting small businesses.

2.   Friendship.  Everyone has a story.  Through your transaction, you have the opportunity to hear that story, and to make a connection.  I have made some amazing connections through The Ivy Twines and cherish every. single. one.

3.  Inspiration.  Maybe through browsing you'll want to dust off your old sewing machine and see what you can create?  Maybe you'll take up a new hobby, enroll in a class to learn a new skill, or ask your grandma to teach you to knit.  For me, it is always humbling to see what other's create with their two hands.

4.  Be you.  Whether you are buying or selling, be authentic.  People will like you, support you, and relate to someone who is well, real.

5.  Everyone is a potential customer.  As a consumer, every click I make can be a potential sale for that shop.  Every contact, every communication is important.  Not only is that important in itself, but every potential customer has the power to be a marketing tool for you, the seller.  Your impressions are worth everything.

Ready to start shopping or selling?

and I really recommend searching for what you'd like, say handmade crochet hats, and you'll find lots of shop hosted sites with quality items too!

Have a shop you want to promote here?  Link it up in the comments and let us shop!!  :)  Happy Sunday!!


  1. Love this post! I sell handmade children's hair accessories on Etsy:

    I came across Etsy back in 2008 when I was pregnant with my daughter. I have found so many unique things for her through Etsy and still love to shop there!

  2. I love this post, too. I think there is so much more to be said for something that is handmade by someone you can communicate with. I am proud to have been doing this for over 10 years now and love that I am able to express myself and create and that there are now ways for us to flourish and grow and support eachother gloablly. It wasn't like this when I started. ;)

    I am a birth doula who makes items such as Birthing Bracelets, Mama Munchies Lactation Cookies and Nursing Clips for mothers as well as fine jewelry for all women. I'm proud to be handmade. <3

  3. Thanks for the shops you two!! It's so great to learn about the story behind the shop, which is why you both create too!! Thanks for the links and the love, ladies!! best!