Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rockin' a new do! {folica review}

So, I am very lucky and have found an awesome hair stylist who lives just down the road. {it's relational out in the country, you know}  We love dreaming up a new style for my usual pony-tailed locks, and she's great about making changes gradually.  But I admit, I started to really love the new-to-me a little bit shorter length style.  Bekah {my hair guru} warned me about not being able to just throw it up in a pony, and really having to deal with it everyday.  But...

...Ashlee's hair just spoke to me.

If I was going to dive into what I thought would be a more time consuming hair routine, I went searching for the right tools.  

Folica to the rescue!!  At Folica, it really is "all about the hair".  The wonderful thing about their company is that their passion for not only supplying you with all the right tools, but teaching you how to use them!!

I was so happy with checking out the Sedu Revolution.  It is such a perfect iron for my not wavy hair, just a little unruly.  It's super smooth and I can take 5 minutes each morning to run it over my locks, resulting in a sleek shiny style!  Plus, if you're not completely sold of spending the dough for a flat iron, check out the many customer reviews to see if it's really worth it!

And this L'ANZA Powder Up Texturizer is quite possibly the most brilliant product I have ever owned. It's a dry texture powder you sprinkle on your roots and with a little finger tease, you've got instant volume!!  I also found that throughout the day, I could tousle my roots a bit to refresh the style, too!  From Snooki's trademark bump or just a little oomph, this powder is a must for any beauty bag!

Do I sound like I know a lot about hair?  Well, either way, I don't really.  But I spent some time on Follica's YouTube site watching how-to hair videos and tips and tricks for all the problems you can think of... and more.  Check it out for a fresh new style or inspiration for a night out!  Or check out Folica's comprehensive hair blog HairJunky to keep up with the latest styles and products!

What's in your hair arsenal?  What's your must have product?  Do, share!!!

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I received these products from Folica in exchange for an honest review of their company!  Many thanks to Julie and the rest of the "Hair Junkies" at Folica!  You all are fabulous!!


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