Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Schoolin' with CSN

You all knew CSN has furniture, kitchen goods, and just about everything in between, right?  Well, it's true!

But, in searching through their toys and kids shops, I found a gold mine!  I chatted earlier about beginning preschool with my girls, and with that in mind, I poured over CSN's educational toys.

They have a huge selection of Melissa and Doug toys, which are always fabulous.  We picked out the Travel Memory Game and my girls both have fun playing with it!  We also chose the Magnet Pattern Block Set {which my girls are playing with in the photos!} and this is such a hit!

As for shopping CSN, they are super thorough!  I received emails throughout the entire process, letting me know that it shipped, and to be on the lookout!  I actually compared lots of prices with Amazon, and found that CSN beat a lot of prices, and it didn't seem like such a price fluctuation like Amazon has.

As always, I would highly recommend CSN Stores, even if you are just browsing!  It's amazing what they have to offer!

I was given these products in exchange for an honest review.  Thanks to Cameron and the fabulous CSN team for their fabulous customer service and work with bloggers!  {if you are interested in working with CSN, shoot me an email!  I'd love to connect you with the team!}


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