Thursday, April 7, 2011

i heart faces {clickin' it!}

Have you checked out i heart faces?

What is i heart faces?

Well, I'm glad you asked!!  I heart faces is an online community for professionals and beginners, and everyone in between!  It is full of great tutorials from guest photographers, tips on good business practices, and inspirations for taking your photos to the next level!

Along with the great content, i heart faces also has a weekly photo contest you, yes you, and your brother and your mom can enter!  You must have a blog or a flickr account, but it's super easy to link your photo to the site and wait for a judge to pick his/her favorites!  This week's challenge, Best March Face, is in voting stages, so you can head on over and vote for your favorite March face!

I'm never very good at schedules, so I haven't yet entered their weekly challenges, but maybe next week?  For me, it's great to see what others are creating, and with a simple weekly theme, what people come up with!  There are some very creative and highly talented people out there!!

Check out i heart faces for encouragement and inspiration!!  You'll love it!

{you MUST check out their exclusive poses guide book here.  this. is. perfect!}  :)


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