Friday, May 13, 2011

Garden help!

Happy Friday!

So, as you may, or may not have heard, Blogger was down.  If you've entered giveaways the past couple days, check in to see if your comment is still there! :)  Hopefully it gets sorted out soon!

In other news, way up in Zone 3-4, it's finally getting to be safe to actually start gardening!  The girls and I have been out weeding our flower beds, transplanting, and having LOTS of fun dreaming up new arrangements.  Here is a new bed I'm creating... what likes to grow by these coniferous trees?  I've planted my tried and true: daylilies, poppies, and irises.  Anything that you particularly love?


It's my first year of doing a full out vegetable garden, and so I'm soaking up all the tips and tricks I can!  I've been scouring the internet, asking my trusted mom, sister, and Grandpa, and of course chatting with my mother in law who has been gardening here for years!  Here's my HUGE space {plus a neighbor-ly bull next door}...


My dear husband is coming in with the backhoe to dig out a nice rectangle for me, and we're fixing up the cellar for a nice garden shed!  Then, it's planting, rock work, and deer/skunk/rabbit/raccoon/elk/other various critters fencing.

I'd love to hear your favorite varieties of plants, tricks, gardening stories, no matter what zone you are in!  

So, please tell, what are you doing with your green thumb this year?


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