Friday, May 27, 2011

on the vine..., we're off traveling and vacationing.  little sister's graduation, lake time, and weddings this time around!  regular posts will be back next week -- and it will be great too!

{here's a little peek}

happy memorial day and weekend all!

my latest obsession:

Are you on Pinterest?  You should be!

So, it's basically a virtual pin board, where you can visually organize any and all good things you find while browsing!!

I've been seeing it all around, especially on twitter, then when Emmy mentioned it the other day on her blog, she scored me an invite!  Yes, there's a slight "wait list" to start pinning, but it's worth it!

Let me know if you're on already!!

{as a side, all this weather has got me just sick.  I hope tornado season is past us, but I pray for all those affected by natural disasters this spring.  You are in my thoughts constantly.}

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  1. Have fun and be safe, Bethany. If you happen to get any invited, I would LOVE one :)