Saturday, August 13, 2011

Peas and pumpkins


Here's a little August update on my garden project!  Last time I showed you this, it was merely sugar snap pea sprouts!  I've definitely had a learning curve on my first garden project.


The weeds have been kept at bay by tilling, but the ground is still pretty rough.  I'm going to compost and manure it this fall, and hopefully it will loosen things up a bit.  My herb garden is doing really well, along with pumpkins, zucchini, tomatoes, and some little asparagus shoots too!  I think those little buggers will take a couple years, but we're excited!

My root veggies haven't done so hot... radishes, beets, and carrots have been few and far between.  The girls and I enjoyed the peas, and we even harvested a few raspberries!


We've also been enjoying filling this big flower bed!  Most of my plants have been gifted to me from my mom and m-i-l, which makes gardening pretty affordable!  I also ordered a few things from Spring Hill Nursery, and have been looking at a few things at Brighter Blooms, too!  Do you have any online site you recommend for seeds/plants?


{ignore the grass growing in there... we're working on it! :)}

We've still got some projects on our lists:
rock border around the vegetable garden and berry patches  {we have a rock quarry on our ranch, which makes this a pretty easy and affordable one!}
adding a handful of apple trees
fixing our lawn mower :)
keeping my hydrangea plants alive this winter
planting some bulbs {I'm in love with allium this year!}

What kind of planting do you do when fall comes around?

How does your garden grow?

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  1. I haven't ordered from them yet because I'm not very organized, but I like seed savers. They have lots of heirloom plants and vegetables.