Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays from Crayola! {review+giveaway}

Still looking for a super gift for a kiddo in your life?  I've got a perfect Christmas gift for kids... that will inspire hours and hours of creativity and imagination... from Crayola, of course!  :)
A long time leader in all things creative, Crayola is going high tech and dishing out some fabulous options for taking art to the next level.  First up, Crayola's Story Studio.

This is well worth every penny!  Crayola Story Studio Fairy Tale Maker Princesses Story Studio{right now only $4.99 on Amazon!  So are the Spiderman and Cars Story Studio too!!}  is super easy to navigate, and actually was fun for my girlies to do with me!  We simply provided our access code, and before we knew it the girls were starring in their own princess stories, along with their favorite princesses!  See, my sweet Reese and Cinderella at the ball!

Well, Crayola gets some serious brownie points for creating coloring pages with princesses, but taking it a step further to allow you to create a story of your very own!  The packet includes paper to print out your story, and binding to make it into a book!  Hard to beat that!


I wrote about our favorite iPad apps already, but I've got a couple fun new apps from Crayola that my girls and I LOVE!  We got to test out this fun Crayola iMarker too, which puts thousands of colorful options right at my kiddos fingertips, and it's a great way to practice using writing too!

Crayola Color Studio

Did I mention that BOTH my girls love it, and can play it at the same time?  {Does anyone else have problems with iPad sharing in their house?}


Overall, Crayola is a perfect gift for boys and girls on your list, and they are definitely stepping up their game with these new high tech options for imagination and creativity!!

Thanks to MyBlogSpark and Crayola, you have the chance to win your very own Crayola High Tech Prize Pack!!

-Spider-man Comic Maker Story Studio
-Disney Princess Story Studio
-Disney/Pixar Cars Story Studio
-Crayola iMarker
-Free Download of ColorStudio iPad app

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The Crayola High Tech Holiday prize pack, product information and prize pack for giveaway have been provided by Crayola through MyBlogSpark.  All opinions are honest and my own!


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