Tuesday, December 13, 2011

peace, love, & crafts {review}

If you've got a love for sweet little crocheted hair bows, rosette headbands, and simply adorable handmade hair clips -- peace, love, & crafts is going to be your shop!

Everything sweet miss Kristen creates is simply stunning!  I especially love that by using bold and fresh colors, your standard hair pieces can get taken to a whole new level!

... See what I mean?  Gorgeous!  While I'm a sucker for a blast of color, I'm even more impressed with solid craftsmanship.  With peace, love, & crafts you can be certain that your pieces are tested to withstand babies, toddlers, teens, and adults alike!

But these handmade crochet hair bows are what made me fall completely head over heels with Kristen's creations.  You'll have to check out our sweet little mustard bow clips that everyone has been sporting around our house!


And, if you need any more motivation to love Kristen and peace, love, & crafts, I dare you to check out her blog, but you might faint over the super cute diy projects, especially fun and easy Christmas ones!  Absolutely L-O-V-E!!!

yeah... see what I mean??  


Anyway, back to these cutie bow clips!  We just love them, and they are definitely made with little ones in mind... which means they are virtually indestructible!


Wouldn't these make a sweet little additional to a Christmas gift this year?  :)

Check out more of the fabulous Kristen and peace, love, & crafts:

A super special thanks to Kristen and peace. love, & crafts for providing us with a sweet set of clips to check out!  All opinions are my honest and own.  Thanks so much to Kristen!!


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