Thursday, January 19, 2012

love you forever {free printable}

I've been playing around with an awesome flickr site that has tons of letters, numbers, and other elements to use!  I was creating a couple wedding gifts and baby gifts, when I decided to make a little printable for you!

So, in the spirit of love day coming up and one of our very favorite books, feel free to download this and print it out -- it's an 8x10.  Here it is in a frame at our house:


Happy Thursday, all!


  1. This is so great - thank you! I'm right in the middle of planning a nursury! : ) How did you create this from all those letters? I went to the Flickr account that you linked and see that the owner allows downloads for non-commercial use (which it will be!). How did you put them together so nicely after downloading?

  2. Hi Sara!!

    Congrats on the babe!! Nursery decor is so much fun!! Oh my gosh I'm warning you you might get addicted! I'm just working on some for my girls' room too! Anyway, I used photoshop for this one, but my sister just made one for her daughter and used her free account. She said you can collage it and it keeps them all the same size and equal automatically, so you don't have to eyeball it! I hope this helps! If you want you can email me too, and maybe I'll make a tutorial? I'm going to be playing around with it all night!! :)

    Happy creating!!!

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  4. Thank you for your response, Beth! I was afraid you'd say Photoshop - I don't have it! : ) But I'm definitely going to give picnik a shot! I'll let you know how it goes!