Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY Letter Art {tutorial}

Happy Monday!  Here's a short little tutorial for anyone wanting to create a little bit of personalized alphabet art on their own!  It's super easy -- the hardest part is choosing which letters to use! :)

1.  First, start over at Leo Reynold's flickr site, where you'll find all sorts of collections {letters, numbers, shapes, buildings, etc} and save those to your computer.  This might take you the most time because there are just SO many!

{please note that these photos are for personal use only!}

2.  Once you have your letters together, head on over to Picnik.  They just announced that they will be merging with Google+ in April 2012, and so all the premium features are now free!  This makes it super simple to make custom collages!

3.  Once you log in to Picnik, you can upload your letters, and then get to the add a collage page.  Here you can adjust columns and rows, line spacing, background colors... everything!

4.  Now -- simply put it all together!

5.  Click done, and save your file to your desktop, and print it however you'd like!  I think I'm going to print my girls' names and put in a 4x12 frame in their room!  I am also brainstorming on creations for possible wedding gifts!  I'm also working on a family est. sign too! The possibilities are endless!! :)

Here are some examples of what I've made:

And check out what my sweet sister created?  I love it!!  {and am currently trying to copy it! :) :)}

Let me know what you're creating!  I am having so much fun making these, I'd love to hear your ideas!

Wouldn't this look great in a Poppy Tree Frame?  :)


  1. Here is a link to what I created using my digital scrapbooking site - it is a 12x12 canvas, but I think it would also be cute as a 5x5 card. Thanks for sharing a great resource! I think I could have serious fun with this!

  2. Here is another. The traditional family name, but with a twist. I love the background because I can make it really tie into my decor!

    I could totally see this as a gift, and my head is spinning with ideas!

  3. KIM!! Those are great!! Do you mind if I share them? They rock!! {btw, so does my camera strap!!}


  4. Thanks Bethany. I played a little more, made some minor changes, and turned the 12x12 canvas into a 5x5 card. I like the colors better. Take a look.

    Your readers could use HM to create very nice projects with these letters. Let me know if you want more info to share. Either way - feel free to share what I have done. Love sharing creative inspiration!

  5. Ok, so I feel dumb asking this but..... I created my daughter's name with the letters, and saved it (she loves it). Now I want to send it to an online printer to make a print, but of course it's not a typical size like 8 x 10 or 11x14 it's too long and narrow to be rectangular. What do I do with it now??

  6. Hi Amanda!

    I would put it in a blank document, either in photo software or you could even do it in a word document, just making sure that you take into account the size difference. Hope this helps!

    You can email if you need more help, or email me the doc to use my photoshop to do it for you!

    beth.ivytwines at gmail dot com